RWI in Sanitation

RWI in Sanitation



1983-84 Sanitation Awareness Campaign 3 Days 2000/- 40 Youth of Nimapara Block Dist. Envt. Society Puri
1986-87 Rural Sanitation Programe 6 Month 30000/- 300 HH of Chanarapada GP. CD & RR Govt. of Orissa. Funds allotted to Block for supply of Barapalli Latrin through  RWI.
1987-88 Environment Sanitation Camp 2 Days 2000/- Nimapara Block Dist Envt Society. Puri
1990-91 National Environment Awareness Campaign(NEAC) 2 Days 5000/- Local Youth of Nimapara Block Dept of Envt & Forest Govt of India
1991-92 Drinking water Users Committee Formation 1 Month 2700/- 45 unit of Tube well in Chanarapada GP in Nimaparaz Block DANIDA/ RWSS
1992-93 Health Check up Programe 2 Month NIL 300 children’s of 10 villages of Alanda & Dhaleswar GP CEBEMO
1992-93 Central  Rural Sanitation Programe 1 Year 188210/-  50 HH of chanarapada GP CAPART
1993-94 Post card campaign to Odisha Govt. to add IHL construction in new RD policy 3 months Rs.500/- 1000 families of 30 villages It is an initiative to sensitize Odisha Govt. to  give emphasis on construction of Individual Household Latrine  to each family in rural area. We 15 NGOs of Odisha have made this campaign. Our volunteers supplied post card to each family, they wrote their problems and  demand Govt. for IHL. At last State Govt. declared to make IHL to all BPL families in Odisha.
1998-99 Central Rural Sanitation Programme 1 Yr. 90825/- 47 H.H. CAPART (EZ), BBSR Latrine Construction
1998-99 Environment Awareness under NEAC 5 day 6000/- 5 Village Ministry of Forest         & Environment  (GOI) Street Play
1998-99 Construction of institutional latrine 1 Yr. 25272/- Confirmed at 4 girls High School United Artists Association (Ganjam) R.D. Dept. Grant (O)
1999-2000 Environment Awareness under NEAC 1 Yr. 9850/- Nursery for plantation Ministry Forest & Environment (GOI)
1999-2000 Construction of IHL (Individual Household Latrine) 3 months 10640/-  For 10 families at Nijog Kasoti village in Alanda GP Dept. of R.D. Govt.of Orissa through CYSD, BBSR Dues released
1999-2000 Environmental Hearth Project in cyclone hit area. 6 Months 669625/- 13 GP in Kakatpur Block OXFAM Repairing & installation of 12 Tube Wells, construction of School toilets at 25 Schools,51 IHL at  a model village and Managed a block level NGO network on sanitation promotion  at Kakatpur block.
2000-01 Construction of Institutional Latrine


1 yr. 125500/- 12 U.P school PPWO, Nimapara (NGO) Funded by UNICEF, Bhubaneswar
2000-01 Environment Awareness Campaign 3 months 1200/- Nursery Plantation for plantation Ministry of Forest & Environment  Orissa. Last Year Dues
2001-02 School Sanitation Programme 1 Yr.


297000/- 38 U.P. School UNICEF through ODMP, Puri (NGO) Funded by UNICEF, Bhubaneswar
2001-02 Model village Sanitation Programme 1Yr. 101850/- 269 H.H. in 3 Village UNICEF through ODMP, Puri (NGO) Awareness building, construction of  IHL washing platform community garbage pit,installation of tube wells,cattle shed, village drainage etc.
2002-03 Model Village Sanitation Programme 1 Yr. 355400/- 269 H.H. in 4 Village UNICEF through ODMP, Puri (NGO) Funded by UNICEF
2002-03 School Sanitation Programme 1 Yr. 92500/-  38 UP school in Nimapara block ODMP, Puri (NGO) Funded by UNICEF
2002-03 Street Play on sanitation and health 1 week 12000/- One block in kandhamal Gram net, Bhubaneswar  
2002-03 Construction of IHL 6 month 33550/- 61 IHL at Alanda SC village Dist.Wat-San Mission, Puri Funds not released due to non cooperation of RWSS/DWSM Puri
2003-04 Village road repairing 1 Yr. 203433/- 1 village MP LAD fund, Govt. of India  
2003-04 Awareness programme through street play 1 Yr. 48750/- 50 villages in Puri district Own contribution  
2004-05 Model village sanitation programme 1 Yr. 80555/- 4-villages UNICEF, Bhubaneswar  
2005-06 Model village sanitation programme 1 Yr. 80555/- 4-villages UNICEF, Bhubaneswar  
2010-13 Sanitation Intervention IN Puri project. 3 years 2800000/- 900 IHL construction and motivation  at 9 villages of 6 GPs in Nimapara Block LSHTM-Water Aid through UAA Ganjam It is a research based project of LSHTM and construction of Toilet is one of its components.
2011-12 IHL construction 10 days 25600/- 8 BPL households of Hansapada village RWSS Nimapara-DWSM Puri It is made quickly before the visit of the Secretary General of RD, Govt. of India to Hansapara village.
2011-12 Participation in National workshop on promotion of rural sanitation 1 day on 15th February 2012 Our name is recommended by DWSM Puri I participated in the workshop where Hon’l Minister Sri Jayaram Ramesh  was presiding. He declared ‘NIRMAL BHARAT AVIJAN’ on the day.
2012-13 Construction of School Toilet 1 month 105000/- 3 Primary school in Nimapara Block RWSS Nimapara-DWSM Puri
2012-13 Selected for establishment of BRC in Puri District  Water and Sanitation  support Organisation(WSSO) Govt.of Odisha The WSSO selected RWI to establish Block Resource Centre in each block at Puri District. But DWSM did not respond since last 2 years.

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